Episode 10 – New Evidence

I’m in my bunk, staring at the ceiling, waiting for Hadley to come back. She’s only been gone fifteen minutes, but I’m freaked, like we’re symbiotic or something, and every time I try to turn and get comfortable, the pain sends me through the roof. “Fuck! Maybe it’s worse than I thought.” Wonder if I should call my MD father, but why now? I’ve always taken care of myself. “Chill!” I tell myself. “Lie still and you’ll be fine.”

Hadley finally bounces up the steps….the screen door slams.

I’m half asleep, trying to recall the questions and answers at the office…getting all mixed up, and second-guessing everything.
She leans down to see if my eyes are open.

I lift my head. “What took you so long?”

She grins…an unexpected reaction.

“Why are you so happy? What’s going on?”

“A lot.”

“So…don’t keep me in suspense.”

She sits down on the edge of the bunk. “I decided to go to Cabin 6 and talk to Chandler.”

“This late?”

“Yup. I figured he had no idea what happened to you, and took the chance he’d tell the truth if he knew the trouble he’d caused.”

“So, did he?” I’m being an impatient asshole…just want to curl up with Hadley and go to sleep.

“I woke Ben, and he woke Chandler. We took him outside and asked if he heard what happened.”

“He was sleepy, rubbing his eyes. Said no, so I explained you’d gotten in big trouble, and people got so angry they beat you up.
‘Why would they do that?’ He asked.

“I told him how serious it is to be accused of mistreating campers, even illegal. You could be thrown in jail. Obviously, I exaggerated, but he got really upset and said how much he liked you, and didn’t want you to get in trouble. ‘What’ll happen to me if I tell the truth?’ He asked. I told him probably nothing, but if he didn’t set things straight, he’d have to go home, and you’d get fired, and the whole thing would only get worse.

“He wanted it all to go away, so Ben and I brought him to the Kramer’s, who were still up drinking, and he confessed that he’d watched the porn on his own, and you had nothing to do with it.

“‘Why did you lie to us?’ Alden asked. ‘You made some very serious accusations.’

“Chandler was overwhelmed. Stood teary-eyed in pajamas, staring at us through his coke bottle glasses.

“Kramer sat him down and looked him in the eye. ‘Just to be clear, Chandler, Jesse did not encourage you, and had nothing to do with the site you were watching?’

“Chandler shook his head. ‘That’s right, sir.’

“Then I told Kramer that some of the counselors had beaten you badly, and he wanted to call an ambulance, but I told him you needed rest and should be left alone, so he agreed that everything could be straightened out in the morning.”

I’m amazed and pleased. “Wow, Hadley, I can’t believe you did so much for me. Did you mention Lowell and Kyle?”

“No, I told them somebody rolled you in a blanket and the voices were familiar, but you were too new to recognize them.”

“Good. I actually didn’t see a thing, but it was obvious who it was.”

“I hope those guys don’t keep making your life miserable.”

I shrug. “Whatever. Did you get ice?”

“No, Jesse, I’m sorry. I completely zoned on it with everything else going on.”

“No sweat. Just get in okay?”

Hadley switches off the light, and I hear her slipping out of her clothes. Her smooth, cool skin feels incredible. “You’re a lot better than ice,” I whisper.

“You poor thing!” She coos., sliding her hand gently down my battered body. Miraculously, my dick’s hard and she bumps it. “Jesse!” She whispers, “I can’t believe this.”

I can’t believe it either…give myself a test squeeze. “Jesus, it is hard.”

“Can I do something?”

“No worries. Just relax. It’s not going anywhere.”

She snuggles up, kisses me, and runs her fingers through my hair. In seconds, I’m dead to the world.

To be continued…. Read next episode!