Episode 6 – New Acquaintances

I guess being a nudge is part of me, because I jog right behind the girls. They glance back, ponytails flipping, probably nervous about flirting with some complete stranger.

I savor the delicious details…long sleek legs, magnificent butts, bare midriffs, tight little waists. Yum! They’re like magnets drawing me in. Suddenly, they veer into a playground with me close behind…stop so abruptly we almost collide. They turn and glare like “who the fuck are you?” I give them a smile and wave, “Hi!”

They’re relieved. I guess figure I’m harmless. “Why are you following us?” The taller one asks. They look like sisters…light brown hair, delicate features, perfect skin.

“I thought you were following me.”

They giggle. “Well, we were sort of, but we didn’t think you’d catch on so fast.”

“Normally, I wouldn’t, but I got carried away.”

“What’s your name?” It’s the taller one again. My eyes are riveted to a sexy mole on her upper lip. “I’m Jewel, and this is Margot. We go to Collegiate.”

“Oh, wow,” I say. “My name’s Hunter and I go to Griffin.”

They nod. “Do you run track? We’re both milers.”

“No. I just love to run. It relaxes me and clears my head…and, man, I need it today. I had the worst fucking day ever.”

“You want to run with us?”

“Sure. That’d be awesome.”

“I like your outfit,” Margot says. “It’s very cool.” She studies me with pale blue eyes. She’s more classical-looking than her friend who’s got green eyes and a smaller nose…more on the cute side…like me, I guess.

We take off fast, like they’re trying to lose me, but I keep up easily…even forge ahead.

“You’re a really good runner,” Jewel says, slowing the pace. “You look so natural.”

“I’ve been running since like nine or ten. It’s awesome.”

“It shows.”

We run a couple of miles, then back. I figure they’ll dump me, but they invite me to a coffee shop on 79th and Broadway. We sit in a cozy booth…Jewel and I can’t help grinning at each other.

“So, why don’t you run track?” Jewel asks.

“A couple of reasons. The jocks and coaches hate my clothes…actually, I got suspended today for violating the dress code…plus I’m not really into the team thing.”

Margot’s eyes widen. “You got suspended? For how long?”

“The rest of the week. It wasn’t just my clothes. I gave a teacher some shit about it.”

Jewel’s eyes brighten. “Wow! A rebel!”

I shrug. “Maybe. I hate conformity. It makes me feel really claustrophobic.”

“So, what do you wear?”

“Bright colors. Like this.” I point to my electric blue shorts and shoes.

Margot looks stunned. “At school?”

“Yeah. I’m supposed to look conservative as shit. At Griffin, khakis and chinos are too radical.”

Jewel rolls her eyes. “Collegiate’s the same. It sucks. Personality is a sin. My mom loves it, but I think it’s demeaning.”

“Yeah,” Margot says. “What’s so sinful about jeans once in a while?”

“It’s also a sex thing,” Jewel says. “They don’t want kids flaunting their whatevers.”

I glance at Jewel’s breasts which are overflowing her sports bra…and she catches me! Probably thinks I’m some desperate geek, so I blurt out a comment to change the subject. “Life shouldn’t exist without colors!”

What did I just say? Realize it’s a totally weird remark, and the girls study me curiously. “Do you date?” Jewel asks. I know where her mind is going. The color comment’s got her thinking I’m gay…bisexual at very least.

“Uh…not really,” I say stumbling over myself. “I mean I’d like to, but so far my social life’s been pretty dull.”

“I’m surprised,” Jewel says. “You’re really cute.”

Okay, so maybe I don’t know where her mind is going, and I’m definitely determined to correct any misconceptions. “I guess I’m a little too quirky, but anybody can change, right? What time do you guys run? Maybe we could do this more.” I look from one to the other.

Margot’s not buying it. “I don’t know…sometimes other milers are with us, and the coaches.”

I back off. “Oh, shit. I guess that wouldn’t look good…some strange guy tagging along.”

“Bullshit!” Jewel says. “Come out around 3:00.”

“Awesome,” I say. Glance at my watch. “Jeez, I better get going. My little sister’ll be home any minute.”

“See you tomorrow,” Jewel says, but Margot waves cautiously. Obviously, I’m too over the top for her, but Jewel blows me away… just hope the suspension doesn’t fuck things up.

To be continued… Read next episode!