Episode 5 – Afternoon Run

After the Nutt debacle, I walk home feeling like shit. At least it’s a beautiful day so I can go for a run along the Hudson.

Pete, the doorman, greets me as I walk in. “What brings you home so early?”

“Don’t ask.”

“Where are your fancy clothes?”

“Left them in my locker. Not everybody appreciates them.”

He scrutinizes me. “You okay?”

“Marginal. Mom and Dad still at work?”

He nods. Thank god! No way I want to rush the inevitable.

The apartment’s quiet, dark. I drop the envelope on the kitchen counter. Head for my room. Know it’s gonna be a shit storm when they read it. Have a couple of peaceful hours before Ava gets home. Peel off the ugly school sweats, and flop on my bed. Consider some penis action, but know I’d lie around and never run. Grit may teeth and pull on my running outfit… Pee Wee tee, neon shorts and sneakers. Wish I could run forever. My parents’ll be so pissed, especially Dad. He thinks I’m a fuck-up anyway. Tells me I act like a “lightweight” which, I guess, is some horrendous business slur.

I run down 79th Street and follow the path along the water. God, it’s so nice out…summer-like, blue sky, fresh-cut grass, trees in blossom. I almost, but not quite, forget my shitty morning. Things promise to get a lot worse….definitely a gruesome evening ahead.

My body feels good, vigorous. My legs are strong and springy. Feel my dick bouncing between my legs…am going commando…not the smartest move, especially when two hot girls run by and wave. Feel like chasing them. Maybe I’m not gay, but how many straight guys are into the same shit as me: Pee Wee, Gaga, Glee, American Idol and Broadway musicals??? It’s mind bending, but there’s no denying I’m stiffer, and the rubbing’s excruciating…sort of nice. My mind jumps back to the school dress code. Figure I should back off and lay low, but that’s not me. Gotta show Nutt-job I’m a force to be reckoned with. Decide I’ll follow the code, but stretch it to the max.

I hear giggling, and the girls run by in the opposite direction. They’re tall and sleek, wearing track uniforms. I make a quick u-turn and close in.

To be continued…. read next episode.