Episode 4 – Cabin Fever

It’s getting chilly and buggy…the dock party breaks up. Hadley and Courtney invite us to their cabin, but on the way, Ben and Sue drift away. It’s just me and the girls. I feel a little frustrated because Courtney and I are just hitting it off, and the campers are due tomorrow…shit!…it’ll probably get crazy and our relationship will get suspended…makes me want to prolong the night as much as possible. We flop down on mattresses, and get into a discussion about our fashion addition to Arts and Crafts. To my surprise, Courtney’s into it too. She’s a closet fashionista…likes a lot of the same stuff as Hadley. we’re desperate for a sewing machine, and the girls think a second-hand store in town could have one, but we’re bummed because we don’t have free time for weeks…decide we need to get Marilyn Kramer on the case…figure she’ll support our project…she’s quirky enough.

“It’s perfect, right?” Hadley asks. “Fashion’s a fusion of utility and creativity, a perfect lesson for kids.”

I’m totally on the same page. “Fuck yeah!”

She laughs…I’m captivated.

I get sleepy and stretch out. To my surprise, Hadley does the same…next to me. We’re a perfect fit…both tall and skinny.

“You guys are so cute together,” Courtney says.

I slip an arm under Hadley’s head…she rests on my shoulder….feels amazing.

“You’re fun,” she whispers.

“You too.”

Courtney watches us. “How many times does this really happen?”

“What?” I ask.
“Two people meet and, instantly, there’s electricity.”

“Court, you’re such a fucking romantic,” Hadley says.

“No, seriously. You guys are made for each other. It’s fate….truly.”

Hadley studies my face. “Maybe she’s right.”

I nod, half asleep.


My eyes open. It’s dark and rain’s dripping off the roof. I’m disoriented at first…feel Hadley beside me. Courtney’s pulled a blanket over us…she’s asleep three bunks away.

Hadley and I are dressed. I’m hot…get up and slip off my shorts, sneakers and socks…underwear’s damp from the swim, but I’m hesitant to take it off…worry Hadley’ll think I’m sex crazed…though its not far off. Untie her sneakers and slip them off. “Thanks, Jesse,” she whispers, then reaches under the blanket…wiggles around…hands me her shorts. “The bed is s-o-o-o comfortable.”

I slip under the blanket, and she nuzzles me…kisses my cheek. “You’re so sweet.”
It’s like we’ve known each other for years.

To my embarrassment, I spring a hard-on…feels weird in damp underwear…try to relax, wish it away, but nothing works. She shifts her arm…bumps it, “oops, sorry!” Touches my bulge. “Is this what I think it is?”

“Uh huh…sorry.”

“Don’t be. It feels nice.” Her fingers check it out.

My hips rise to meet her hand.

“You okay?”

“More than okay.”

“You’re a sexy guy.”

“You too.”

She laughs. “I’m not a guy.”

“Sorry….I’m losing it.”

“Good.” her lips meet mine…we’re kissing…totally into it…tongues synchronized.

She pulls at my underwear. “Can you take these off?”

I push them down..

Hadley plays with me…ecstasy….I let my hands wander too. She peels off her shirt. Her round breasts fit perfectly in my hands. She sighs. Waves of pleasure surge over us.

“You have a condom?”

“Shit…no!” I feel like a numb nuts.

“I may have one.” She glances at Courtney who’s snoring gently. “Let’s get comfortable.” We pull off our remaining clothes…she fishes in her canvas tote. “There’s one on here somewhere.” Finally hands me a packet. I slip it on and we slide under the sheet. Skin against skin…amazing.

She pauses. “Are we going too fast. Is it okay?”


I get on top and she guides me. It’s tight..we take it slow. Feel her skin hugging mine. Hadley catches her breath, “Oh!” I sink in all the way. We lie together. I start moving…try not to be rough. “Feel okay?”

“Amazing,” she whispers.

I’m so hard…feel like I could keep going all night…but, pretty soon, I tense…suddenly come with a jolt…my toes curl. Hadley cries out, and Courtney wakes up. “You guys okay?”

“Yeah…fine,” I gasp. “Sorry.”

“No worries. Have fun.”

“We are…definitely.”

I finally slide off. We sink into each other’s arms.

“I love you Jesse,” she whispers.

I hardly know her, but I do too. “Feeling’s mutual.”

We pull up the sheet and pass out.

To be continued…Read next episode!