Episode 2 – Cabin 6

I’m relieved to escape the office. Gotta admit it’s a beautiful place…just hope it’s not all prep androids.

As I look for my cabin, I see a sign nailed to a tree: “Youth is holy.” Weird. Wonder who comes up with the stuff. Find my cabin easily…walk up the steps. There’s a guy sitting on one of the bunks.

“Hey,” I say. “I’m your bunk mate…Jesse.”

He jumps up and looks me over…seems relieved. “Well, hello,” he says in a British accent, “I’m Ben Evans.” Gives my hand a firm shake.

“Where you from in the UK?” I ask.


“I’ve been there…really cool place.” He’s pleased…small, bird-like guy with thick chestnut hair. Looks twelve years old.

“I’m incredibly glad you’re here,” he says. “I find the other counselors so strange I’m afraid to go out.”

Wow…a kindred spirit.”I know exactly what you mean,” I say. “I have a Spanish name, so they assume I’m an illegal alien.”

He laughs. “They asked me if I wanted English muffins for breakfast. Christ!”

“That’s nuts.”

“Where are you from, Jesse?”

“New York.”

“Damn, I love New York. My aunt lives on West 86th.”

“You’re kidding? We live in the San Remo on Central Park West between 74th and 75th.”

“I see the towers from her terrace.”


Someone knocks on the door. “Hello!” A throaty female voice. “May I come in?”

“Sure,” I say. “We’re decent.”

Ben chuckles.

The door opens and a tall, impressive lady enters…skinny jeans…long-sleeved shirt rolled up to the elbows. Tits bursting the buttons…brown curls peeking from under a battered straw hat. I’m speechless. She’s sexy, but too old for me…probably Ben too.

“I had to visit the international cabin,” she says.

“International?” I ask. “I’m from New York.”

“That’s international for Cedar Lake,” she says sarcastically…pauses…looks us both over. Checks my crotch…is that possible? “This cabin will be a hit with the girls,” she says.

I’m not sure what to say. Laugh self-consciously. “Are you serious?”

“Absolutely. You two are adorable.”

Ben smirks. I wonder if she’s lost her mind.

“Are you employed here?” I ask. Behind her, Ben tries to signal me.

She laughs at my question. Ben’s mouthing something. I stare at him curiously.

“Didn’t you tell him, Benny?” She asks.

“No, Mam.”

She turns to me. “Honey, Alden and I own the place. I’m Marilyn Kramer!”

“Oh, shit!” I exclaim. “Sorry, I had no idea.”

“Why would you?”

I shrug like an idiot.

“No problem, Jesse. You’ll find this camp different than most. We encourage our staff to explore new skills and relationships.”

“Right,” I say, but have no clue what she’s talking about.

“You’ll see what I mean tonight. We’re having a get-acquainted party at the waterfront. Six o-clock sharp. Be there or be square.”

Ben nods…looks mystified. “Okay, great.”

She heads for the door. “Wish I could stay and shoot the breeze, but I’ve got to make sure everything’s ready. You’ll be initiated tonight. Oh, I almost forgot. For you two, the dress code is shorts and underwear…no bathing suits.”

“Awesome,” I say as Mrs. Kramer leaves, but feel the opposite.

“Was that bizarre, or was it just me?” Ben asks.

“It was totally weird. An initiation? And what did she mean by exploring new skills and relationships? Sounds kinky.”

“That could be good,” Ben says.

“As long as we don’t have to make nice to the prepsters.”

“Agreed. That would be god awful….what’s with the dress code?”

To be continued…. Read next episode.