Episode 2 – Jake Jr.

Jesus, it was a relief getting home. Shopping took forever…Mom picks over everything…can’t make a decision. I was out of my fucking mind!

It was already 2:00 when we got back…I was praying there was enough time to get to the club and make a few bucks cleaning clubs or something….maybe get a single for the back nine. Pat Adams, the pro, knows I work hard, and wants to train me for a shop job, but I make so much caddying, I probably can’t afford it.

I bike to the club and race into the caddy yard. Mike, the caddy master, gives me a dirty look: “Butcher, where the fuck have you been? Today’s the ladies Invitational in case you’ve forgotten.”

I apologize up and down and tell him Mom made me do errands. “Okay,” he says, placated, “Mrs. Rogers needs you on the 10th tee.”

“Awesome!” I cry. Mrs. Rogers is my favorite, and her sizzling daughter, Beth, is in my class. I hustle to the 10th and catch a major break. Beth’s with her mom, looking fantastic in jeans, flip-flops and a white polo. She’s pleasantly surprised when I walk up: “Hi, Jake!” Smiles from ear to ear.

I pretend I’m unfazed, nod, and whip out her mom’s driver (not the only thing I’d like to whip out).

She looks up. “Jake, thank goodness. They ran out of caddies. I thought I’d have to ride the whole round.”

“You hate that.”

She smiles. “You know me like a book. Where were you?”

“Mom made me do errands. I’m r-e-a-l-l-y sorry I’m late. I tried to reason with her.”

“No problem,” she says and whacks one straight down the middle.

“How’d the front nine go,” I ask.

“I’m in the hunt…birdied the ninth for a 38.”

“Wow, awesome!”

I stand aside and watch the other ladies tee off. They’re nowhere as good as Mrs. Rogers.

“Where are they from?” I ask.

“Beats me…Mom was really disappointed when you didn’t show this morning. She specifically asked for you.”

“I know. I feel like shit. My mom made me go to Target to get camp stuff for my sisters.”

Beth smiles. “Mom considers you her good luck charm.”

“I wanted to be here so bad, but I had no choice. Was she mad?”

“No. Disappointed more than anything, but it’s great you’re here now.”

“She looks totally psyched,” I say, “in the zone.”

We all head up the 10th side by side. I glance at Beth thinking how lucky I am to be hanging with her, and her mom, who’s not bad either. Still wish I’d been around for the front nine. Don’t want her to get the idea she can do just as well without me.

“This is so much fun!” Beth says…obviously means it.

“Yeah,” I say, then my thoughts spill out: “Hey, the new X Men movie starts Friday. Wanna check it out?”

She doesn’t say anything at first and I think: “Oh, fuck. Here comes the big kiss-off,” but I’m wrong. She smiles big time. “Sure, that’d be fun.”

Her mom interrupts. “If you don’t mind, I could use a nine iron.”

“Jeez! I’m sorry,” I say handing it over. She punches a nice shot onto the green. “Awesome, Mrs. Rogers!”

“We better not talk,” Beth whispers. “You need to pay attention.”

I nod and hustle ahead. Figure I better keep my mouth shut the rest of the way, but Mrs. Rogers turns to me.

“Jake, what are you up to this Summer?”

“Just caddying. I love it…and playing the course on Mondays.”

“Can I count on you all season?”

“Absolutely! I’m just finishing a list of your yardages for each stick.”

She’s totally surprised…breaks into a smile. “I can’t believe it. You’re doing that just for me?”

“Yup. Almost done, except for your long irons. I’m not certain about them.”

“Me either! I’m more comfortable with my woods.”

“Yeah, I noticed.”

She hits a super tee shot and Beth whispers in my ear. “She totally loves you!”

“Get real,” I say, but know it’s true.

“Do you swim, Jake,” her mom asks.

“Yeah, whenever I can.”

“Come over. Use our pool…any time you want.”

“Seriously?” I can’t believe such cool people want me at their home.

“We’d love to have you!”

“I told you,” Beth whispers.

I work hard the rest of the round and it goes well. I help Mrs R with a couple of crucial club selections on 15 and 17, and she finishes with another 38 for 76, ends up winning the whole deal. When Beth checks the scoreboard, she’s so happy she gives me a hug….even presses her tits against me (so awesome!). I assume she’ll go inside for the awards, but she doesn’t…hangs by the pro shop. “You going home soon?” She asks.

“Yeah,” I say, figuring she wants to hitch a ride home or something…but I’m not exactly sure.

“If you’re free, we can go to my place and take a quick swim…before Mom gets home. Want to?”

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