Episode 2 – Betwixt and Between

Chet glanced at the windowsill. Super Fly was gone, and his mind drifted back to Abby. They were so close they could read each other’s minds. It happened all the time. He’d be looking for a book or something and she’d inexplicably hand it to him…it worried him because he was thinking of sex 24/7…maybe she knew. He stared all the time…her open buttons exposed her freckled collarbones, and a hint of cleavage. There wasn’t much, but he popped a boner anyway.

It dawned on Chet’s that Abby was the perfect partner to practice sex with…harmless fun between friends. Physically she wasn’t ideal (he’d never actually jacked thinking of her), but they were comfortable together. He was sure she’d jump at the chance. She was needy. Classmates said he was hot, athletic, good body, decent dick…figured she’d be impressed.

He decided to confide in his buddy Scott…got an unexpected reaction.
“Dude, are you totally fucking crazy? Abby’s okay, but you’d trash your rep. No offense, but she’s a dog basically. Half the girls in class would be happy to lose their virginity with you.”

“Maybe, but not long ago, I was a dog.”

“True, but you lucked out. Abby won’t have sex with you anyway. You’re like her bro.”

Chet laughed. “No I’m not.”

“You definitely are. She’s not into guys generally. You’re like inherited. Have you ever seen her hang with another guy?”


Scott rolled his eyes. “Okay, who?”

“I can’t think right off.”

“Of course, because there aren’t any.”

“Are you saying she’s gay, because she doesn’t act like it.”

“Not necessarily, but her family’s fucking nuts. Drunks. That’s why she adopted you.”

“Valid point. We never go there anymore. Her brother Wade’s insane.”

“No shit. So, Chet, what are you so hung up about?”

“Hung up? What do you mean?”

“Well, shit, why do you stay with Abby? There must be a reason. Are you scared of dating?”

Chet blushed. “Fuck no…me?”

“Why then? Be totally honest.”

“Shit, I don’t know. Maybe because we stood up for each other…she understands me.”

“When you were ten maybe, but not now.”

“Come on, dude. I think she still does.”

“Chet buddy, you’re in for a rude awakening.”

To be continued… Read next episode!