Episode 1 – The Fly

The big fly came out of nowhere and landed on Chet Nichols’s desk. It was one impressive fly, iridescent blue green…his father called them “bottle flies”…found one fossilized in his Egg McMuffin. This one was a daring little bugger that basked in the classroom sun swiveling its weird head and scratching its wings. Reminded Chet of sci fi movies about aliens part insect and part human. Nobody ever wanted to be a fly. Their lives were too short to accomplish anything. Maybe that’s why they were dumb. What can you learn in a week?

Chet glanced at the clock. Thirty minutes left in his last class of the day….might as well be a century. The teacher’s voice was a monotonous hum. Maybe he’d ask to go to the bathroom…sit in the stall and jack…stretch it out a half hour. He shifted in his chair and the fly vanished…reappeared on the window sill. “My pal,” he thought. Behind it, Spring treetops were visible…and one wispy cloud.

Abby passed a note: “You have golf this afternoon? Want to study later?” He turned and nodded…best friends since kindergarten. His buddies wondered why he hung out with her. She wasn’t pretty, and really short, but her mismatched features were pleasantly familiar…eyes far apart, generous nose, wide mouth and and deeply dimpled chin…and zillions of freckles, but Chet didn’t care. She was someone he’d depended on. That was critical, because Chet had a lisp and been tortured throughout elementary school, Yet, he’d somehow evolved into one of the handsomest guys in 9th grade…a miracle. Like Abby, he had unusual features, but they came together, big hazel eyes…like the fly…a snub nose, and a prominent gap between his front teeth. His looks were almost a curse, because they forced him to make friends with some of the assholes that made his life miserable.

Chet and Abby’s status in class had once drawn them together, but as he grew more popular, she was falling between the cracks…

To be continued… Read next episode.