Episode 1 – Prologue

Macon Baker, the Swamp Master, walked to the door of his cabin, and glanced at the pearly gray sky.For many nights he’d been restless. A major storm was forming…the electricity in the air was unusually intense….pulsed through his body causing his muscles to twitch and quiver.

He turned and walked into the cluttered room that was home. His grandson, Keith, was sound asleep…lean, rugged body tangled in a single sheet…immune to the cabin’s chilly drafts. The boy hadn’t been blessed (or cursed?) with the genetic sensitivity of his forebearers….was, on the contrary, surprisingly normal.

Nearby, Macon’s sister Clara sat in her favorite chair staring out the window…watching and waiting. The family sensitivity had overwhelmed her early in life. She could no longer speak or take care of herself…usually sat frozen, motionless…but not that day. Her body shook in a continuous seizure, and frightened cries escaped from her lips.

“What is it Clara?” Macon asked. He’d only seen her as agitated three times before…when the great Otcon rose from the Spring and entered the outer element. Macon listened to the sounds of the swamp…nothing was different except the whistling wind that portended the coming storm.

Next Time: A stormy night. We meet important characters, and momentous events occur.
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