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Oh, Carsin,

My dear sweet buoyant struggling tough

Marshmallow lesbian genius savant dead friend


Who knows what we shall live to see

Or not see?

Who knows what we will not live to see

Or from that literary

Susie Salmon The Lovely Bones

Heaven, unbeknownst to others, see,

Or choose to turn away from?

Can you see it? Do you want to?

Oh, Carsin,

My dear sweet funny indefatigable

Forward-looking history fanatic friend

Do you feel tragic earthquakes and tsunamis?

Do you know that corporations now have

Appropriated the Supreme (sic) Court?

You would probably laugh if you could

See Congress haggling like two rabid dogs

Across the aisle about whether people

Deserve to be nursed, doctored, tended—

Yet effortlessly approve and fund another war?

Can you see it? Do you want to?

Oh, Carsin,

I sigh when I see your face and say your name

I miss talking with you, exchanging cynicisms

About the foolishness of the world, to wit,

The powers that be, how they are beneath

You and me. Floating above, it’s easy to have

All the answers, join the dance with celestial

Dancers, winners and losers, insiders and outsiders,

Meat eaters, subway riders, deaths of left-behind friends,

Chi Gung and rain, drug abuse, struggle, illness, pain

Parents, descendents, obstinate barren mothers we

Can you see it? Do you want to see?

—Joanie Fritz Zosike

February 27, 2010

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