At Last She…

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At Last She…

Gone in search of a Happy Ending

Her drawn out upstream salmon tussle is

To have done with struggle, she’s ripe for

Ounces soft and mushy of sweetened

Rind in coconut

Been a long and snaky escapade

Hardly a formal setting, more a sinking

Combed into arranged extension toward

That celestial stranger hand so tender

Human wise and mild

Feels him in her darkened eyes screwed tight

Ectoplasm through the curtains, sheathed in

Moonshine, tendrils ‘round breadth entwined

His certainty of thankful gratuity inspires

Kisses without end

Easy come and complicated spent

Oh to enter whole and disentangle

Auburn locks and ashen bone intact

Panther slinks away from her immersion

Her sunblocked Happy Leap

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