The Road Much Traveled

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I went to Atlanta to try and find Santa
He’d flown to Bhopal to hang out with RuPaul
Without further delay I set course for Cathay
Meanwhile in Dubai, the Dow goes awry
But since I’m a taxpayer in nearby Eritrea
I go for a prance in striped pants off to France
Wind up on an altar in the Strait of Gibralter
I toss a used gun and fly back to Houston
Pick up a gas can as I race through Iran
It’s too nuts in Jordan to find an accordion
So I buy a brassiere in exotic Kashmir
Old London looks good, it’s my fave neighborhood
And it sure beats Myanmar if you’re buying a sitar
Sweet New Orleans beckons for a couple of seconds
And I eat pecan pie, oh, let’s say, in Ohio
I get somewhat whorey approaching Pretoria
The march strains my neck, I detour to Quebec
By way of Romania, despite all the pain…yeah
Should see the Sahara with my friend, MacNamara
Though I hear bands are zanier in mad Transylvania
Get my butt wrecked in Utrecht, which I find highly suspect
Why, in Vienna, can I not find some henna
When I travel to Warsaw, I could never have foresaw
There’s so much to do in Kublai Khan’s Xanadu
Well, it beats going bonkers in the city of Yonkers
End up rocking the Casbah in spicy Zanzibar

What? No moral? No plot? This could get me shot
For crimes of ubiquity veiled thinly from A to Z
In a way, it’s pathetic, but at least…alphabetic
Imagine the bog if ya’all was chronological
Please spare me the schism of your algorithm
It’s best, when you travel, to let the path unravel
You don’t need a pin code when you’re out on the road

-—Joanie Fritz Zosike