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Teen Elf 2012 is a continuation of a story that debuted last year. Arne Twilber is a teen Elf, driven to civilization by an avalanche that buries his whole family. Alone, he stumbles into upstate Pikeville, NY, and taken in by the Knight family. Noel Knight is a married NY State Trooper with a daughter, Britney. Except for his pointed ears, 17-year-old Arne, attempts to live the life of a normal teenager, attends the local school, and falls in love with beautiful Britney who is in the same grade…but, things are complicated by Arne’s Elfin powers and the media frenzy that accompanies his arrival.

In this latest segment, we look in on Arne a year later. Things are going smoothly until an unexpected visitor comes to town. Read first episode. Read latest episode!

Episodes 1-5
Episodes 6-12