Golden Sandeled Dawn

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Older Woman: Kittenish. That’s how I’d describe her. Kittenish.
Younger Woman: I’ve always respected her. But now, somehow…
Older Woman: She’s very respectful toward me. One might even say, solicitous.
Younger Woman: When I look at her mouth, I hear a whispered wind of sibilants. Fox-x-x-x-x-y.
Older Woman: Congenitally inverted, that’s what I think. My tongue is useless.
Younger Woman: How fortunate I am. She’s a hard grader, and I get all A’s. A is for Aphrodite. Blah-blah-blah.
Older Woman: What is her name? Erinna? Djuna? Virginia? Frida? Ma Rainey?
Younger Woman: I’m so distressed! I feel foolish, as if I’m drowning in a….well, a well of loneliness. Yet here she is, as bold as factory smoke.
Older Woman: Here she is, right in my face. Her budding breasts, her supple waist.
Younger Woman: She’s got no shame. I like that.
Older Woman: I must be true to myself. No shame. Look her directly in the eye.
Younger Woman: She’s looking straight in my eyes! My panties are getting wet.
Older Woman: The scent of her…from here, like vanilla cream and strawberries. I yearn and I seek.
Younger Woman: I bet her breasts are still erect. And she is so cut!
Older Woman: She is so cute! Would I be her first? A golden pulse grows along the shores.

Younger Woman: My nipples are erect. Oh, this is disgraceful. I’m probably just imagining the whole thing.
Older Woman: I’ve let my imagination run away with me. Maybe I should just go home and…watch Oprah.
Younger Woman: I should just forget about the whole thing, go home and…do my homework.
The Younger Woman turns around to go.
The Older Woman drags her finger across her desktop. It makes a squeaky noise.
The Younger Woman turns around with curiosity.
Older Woman: Mabel?
Younger Woman: Yes, Miss Hall?
Older Woman: (To herself) I’m thinking about her silky pubic hair and sweetly turned up mouth. As if always in a smile.
Younger Woman: Miss Hall?
Older Woman You are very promising, you know.
Younger Woman: (To herself) Should I ask her to tea? Christ on a crutch! What am I thinking?!
Older Woman: (To herself) What a vapid thing to say to her. Still, better than nothing.
An awkward silence.
Older Woman: I mean your poetry.
Younger Woman: Your Titian hair.
Older Woman: Excuse me, dear?
Younger Woman: Your teaching here has been such an inspiration to me. (To herself) Stupid Sappho.
Older Woman: Do you…have the time?
Younger Woman: (Looking at her watch) I have a class.
Older Woman: Is that all? I thought you’d be rushing off to meet your beau.
Younger Woman: (To herself) Who says “beau” any more? How adorable. (To Older Woman) I don’t have one.
Older Woman: Perhaps later, then? I have some remarkable literary memorabilia I think you’d find very enlightening. It might even provide some good fodder for your final paper.
Younger Woman: Or next poem.
Older Woman: You understand me.
Younger Woman: Let’s see what you got.
Older Woman: (Under her breath) It’s all so fast. (To Younger Woman) Shall we say 8:00 this evening, then?
Younger Woman: Cool, cool, cool…How about Prairie Lights? They’ve got a nice little coffee house on the second floor…
Older Woman: I’m familiar with it. (She gingerly puts on a pair of white lace gloves) In fact, my flat’s close by there.
Younger Woman: (Playing with her hair) Awesome.
Blackout. Sound of ticking. Lights snap back up.
Later. Older Woman sits alone at a table, a big scrapbook on her lap. She leafs through it without interest. Her back is to the door. She’s slightly slumped. The clock: reads: 9:30.
Older Woman: (She sits up with resolve, reads aloud): Better the swan’s chant than a windy world of rocks in an April Sky.
Younger Woman: (At the door) “Antipater of Sidon.” Sorry I’m late.
Older Woman: Andrew Lang, 1844-1912. Right on time, Mabel.
Younger Woman: My friends call me Sita.


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Oh, Carsin,

My dear sweet buoyant struggling tough

Marshmallow lesbian genius savant dead friend


Who knows what we shall live to see

Or not see?

Who knows what we will not live to see

Or from that literary

Susie Salmon The Lovely Bones

Heaven, unbeknownst to others, see,

Or choose to turn away from?

Can you see it? Do you want to?

Oh, Carsin,

My dear sweet funny indefatigable

Forward-looking history fanatic friend

Do you feel tragic earthquakes and tsunamis?

Do you know that corporations now have

Appropriated the Supreme (sic) Court?

You would probably laugh if you could

See Congress haggling like two rabid dogs

Across the aisle about whether people

Deserve to be nursed, doctored, tended—

Yet effortlessly approve and fund another war?

Can you see it? Do you want to?

Oh, Carsin,

I sigh when I see your face and say your name

I miss talking with you, exchanging cynicisms

About the foolishness of the world, to wit,

The powers that be, how they are beneath

You and me. Floating above, it’s easy to have

All the answers, join the dance with celestial

Dancers, winners and losers, insiders and outsiders,

Meat eaters, subway riders, deaths of left-behind friends,

Chi Gung and rain, drug abuse, struggle, illness, pain

Parents, descendents, obstinate barren mothers we

Can you see it? Do you want to see?

—Joanie Fritz Zosike

February 27, 2010

Yeh Bakery (9-6-10) A play in One Act

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Younger Man: Check out that old woman over there.
Older Woman: I can’t believe how that young man is staring at me.
Younger Man: Her eyes are riveted to my crotch.
Older Woman: I’m so flustered, I can’t make eye contact with him.
Younger Man: It’s embarrassing.
Older Woman: It’s disrespectful.
Younger Man: She’s old enough to be my grandmother.
Older Woman: I wonder if his voice still cracks.
Younger Man: She’s got no shame. I like that.
Older Woman: Actually, he’s…kinda hunky, in a crude and awkward way.
Younger Man: She was probably some hot BEAYACH when she was younger.
Older Woman: And oh my God, what a basket!
Younger Man: I bet her tits hang down below her knees.
Older Woman: I doubt he knows which end is up.
Younger Man: I bet when she takes out her teeth, she gives as good a blowjob as old man Dingus.
Older Woman: Probably doesn’t know where, much less what a clitoris is.
Younger Man: Her pussy must smell like mackerel and taste like mutton.
Older Woman: Maybe it’s a codpiece.
Younger Man: And her hole…I mean, how big IS it?!
Older Woman: Wonder if he has one of those smooth hairless chests and peach fuzz on his groin. And the small of his back. Mmmf!
Younger Man: Maybe her asshole’s still tight. If I can maneuver around the hemorrhoids.
Older Woman: Probably hasn’t had his first wet dream yet.
Younger Man: She looks like a moaner.
Older Woman: Still, better’n nothin’.
Younger Man: And she won’t put much of a fight.
Older Woman: Uhm, excuse me, young…sir.
Younger Man: Love that little SM touch. Joan Cougar Melonchest, here we go!
Older Woman: Do you…have the time?
Younger Man: (Looking at his watch) About half an hour.
Older Woman: Is that all? I thought you’d be much…longer. I mean, later.
Younger Man: (Offering his arm) May I accompany you across the street?
Older Woman: My, aren’t you the gentleman!
Younger Man: You underestimate me.
Older Woman: Let’s see what you got.
Younger Man: I’m blushing.
Older Woman: (Under her breath) This is all wrong.
Younger Man: (Under his breath) Let’s get it over with.
Older Woman: Hey, honey! Where you going?
Younger Man: Shut up and spread ’em!

(He goes to the curb and takes a leak)

(She opens her compact and puts on lipstick)

(Lights fade down)

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TEEN ELF – 2012

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Teen Elf


Arnulfo Twilber is raised in a fairy tale cottage secreted in New York State’s Adirondack Mountains. Centuries before, his Elfin ancestors arrived from Iceland as stowaways. Their pastoral life is idyllic, until an avalanche changes Arnulfo’s life forever. Forced to seek help, he ends up in civilization for the first time, and is set upon by curiosity seekers, state bureaucrats and scientists. Although his unusual background makes socialization difficult, his Elfin charm and ingenuity enable him to finally forge lasting relationships. Episodes posted: 10

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