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Mark McPherson began writing to pass time during train rides from West Hempstead to New York City, where, as a professional middleweight, he trained at the Times Square Gym. McPherson never became a title threat—he retired after a May, 1987 loss to Frank Tate—but was good enough to fight on network TV and compile a record of 20-3.

Mark is now a renowned boxing trainer/instructor at the Lexington Avenue Gym in Mount Kisco, NY, a New York City suburb. In addition to his continued commitment to boxing, Mark pursues his creative talents in writing and music. We’re delighted to welcome him to the CrocknBunk creative team. Welcome, Mark!!!



The following piece (serialized for CrocknBunk) first appeared in Ring Magazine and is presented below in a condensed, revised version.



Part I – FIGHT NIGHT (4 episodes).
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Part II – LOOKING BACK (2 episodes)
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Thirty-Eight episodes posted.

In July a new serial starts, Hands Off, which continues a series of stories exploring the challenges many face in school and at home: Torment focuses on the impact of bullying. Deception of Appearances deals with the dangers of superficial judgments. Hands Off explores the fine line between parental discipline and child abuse. Rose “Rocco” Rocatelli-Butcher has suffered a painful divorce. She and her husband, Jake Butcher, brutalized each other mentally and physically. Told from multiple viewpoints, the story describes Rose’s perception that her 13-year-old son Jake Jr. is a carbon copy of her ex, an obsession she can’t escape. Everything he does is passed off as unfavorable genetics. Her daughters, Madge (8) and Byrd (10), are clearly favorites, and she imagines she must protect them from Jake Jr. who is trying to destroy their family.

Jake tries to convince his mother he has no evil intentions, but she believes otherwise, and watches him like a hawk. Jake loves his sisters, but needs to get out from under his mother’s constant scrutiny. Longing for a normal life, he tries to “adopt” a family, but keeps returning home, hoping for the best, only to have the vicious cycle repeat itself. Finally, he falls in with a group of outcasts, but things go from bad to worse, and he’s forced to radically change his life, but the odds are very slim.

thirty-eight episodes posted! Read latest episode.


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Forty Nine episodes! Read Finale!

A story based on the idea that hybrid plant-animal life forms began evolving in springs, swamps and oases millions of years before the dinosaurs. This is the story of a family which has coexisted with one of the creatures for generations, their next-door neighbors, and citizens of a rural town who also make contact. It tells the story of rising ignorance and fear that ends in violence, and how logical thought leads to false conclusions about something strange and different. Swamp master is a story that will challenge your imagination…and your assumptions about good and evil. Follow this amazing saga every week! Forty-Nine Episodes posted. Read final episode.


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Fifty-eight episodes posted

Our third offering follows a college student traveling across country to meet a friend on the West Coast. In the Midwest, he picks up a hitchhiker who brutally attacks him. The student escapes and stumbles onto a farm outside a small Midwestern town. The town embraces him and he finds friends, love and future opportunities; however, his attacker lurks nearby stalking townspeople and awaiting an opportunity to finish the job he started. Fifty-eight episodes posted! Read final episode.


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Taylor is the smallest freshman in a New England country school. A new classmate arrives and views harassment as the quickest way to make a name for himself, and turns Taylor’s life into living hell. In attempting to find out what makes his tormentor tick, Taylor uncovers horrific facts that bring the realization that his situation is far more dangerous than expected, and he must take drastic action to free himself from his oppressor. Twenty four episodes posted. Read last episode.